Red Alert: Quartermaster’s Escalation Pack

Red Alert: Quartermaster’s Escalation Pack


Richard Borg heads into Space in this exciting Sci Fi Commands & Colours board game! Escalation Packs present additional starship models, rules, or terrain to add to the core game.


The Quartermaster, the fleet’s expert in supply and logistics, provides Red Alert players with 48

additional markers for the Commonwealth and Confederation factions. These unit markers allow you

to expand and customize the variety and number of support vessels you may take into battle. Two new units are included in this escalation pack – the Commonwealth Alliance gains guard destroyer squadrons and the Rebel Confederation now fields elite long-range fighter squadrons.


This Escalation Pack contains 1 punchboard of starship tokens and 1 rulebook containing special rules for 2 new unit types and 7 new scenarios.

  • Number of players


  • Length of play

    60–90 minutes

  • Complexity

    Easy; 14+