Red Alert: Dreadnought Starship Escalation Pack

Red Alert: Dreadnought Starship Escalation Pack


Richard Borg heads into Space in this exciting new Commands & Colours board game! Escalation Packs present additional starship models, rules, and terrain to add to the core game.


The largest and most feared ship in any fleet is their dreadnought. What more can be said about this unit? The dreadnought is the ultimate Kick Ass Ship in RED ALERT.


This Escalation Pack contains 1 Commonwealth dreadnought, 3 Commonwealth dreadnought fighters, 1 Confederation dreadnought, 3 Confederation dreadnought fighters, 1 rulebook containing special rules and 2 new scenarios, and a punchboard of counters.

  • Number of players


  • Length of play

    60–90 minutes

  • Complexity

    Easy; 14+